New Handmade Leather Apron For DIY Enthusiasts - Full Grain Leather - Hobbyists Woodwork Blacksmith Butchers with Pockets

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* Made from 100% Full-grain Italian leather
* All day comfort and easy fit: prevent synthetic leather allergy and reactions
* Full coverage: stay heat protected when tending your BBQ
* Straps allow for a range of adjustments, 20” (52 cm) each
* Adjustable neck strap with a metal buckle
* Two large pockets for tools
* Weight 2.5 pounds

All aprons are designed for chefs (home or professionals), artists, barista’s and craftsman. Although it’s also the perfect must have for grill masters. Superior to linen and cotton, leather is heat-resistant which makes it perfect for tending the BBQ. Along with carpenters, woodworkers, mechanics, electricians, tattoo artists, bartenders, blacksmiths,  butchers, brewers, painters, art teachers.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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