We are one of the leading Companies in Goodyear Welted Hand and Custom-Made Leather Shoes.

Our Shoe Experts Are The Fifth Generation Of Traditional Royal Gandhara Civilization Handmade Shoe Industry. They Are Equipped With Knowledge & Skills Which Was Passed On To Them From Generation To Generation. Our Quality Speaks For Itself Due To The Utilisation Of Traditional Premium Quality Materials.

Goodyear Welted Specially Prepared by Highly Skilled Craftsmen. One of The Finest, Way of Shoe Construction. Which was invented a hundred years ago, By The American Charles Goodyear? This is The Final Stitching which holds the sole in place. This Technique allows Complete Removal of The Sole, Without Damaging the Upper. Gives your shoes more Durability, Strength and an Amazing look.

Construction of Goodyear welted Shoe is well expensive. Because it takes a lot of time and Impossible without an Extremely High Skilled Craftsman.